GAV 2019 Global Fintech Innovation Challenge

Global Accelerated Ventures invites you to the premier, multidisciplinary, tiered elimination format event. Startups in the Fintech space will compete to win cash prizes across 5 categories, and for a chance to work with GAV’s multinational partner organizations.

The Fintech Challenge will commence by selecting Fintech startups from the top tier accelerators around the world. With FIS as the title sponsor and over 100K in cash and prizes at stake, five startups will be selected to compete in each of the following product groups:
(1) Blockchain
(2) Process Automation
(3) Data Analytics
(4) Payments Innovation (exclusive of Blockchain, Automation and Data/AI)
(5) Banking Innovation (exclusive of Blockchain, Automation and Data/AI)
The winner from each category will then compete to advance in the program finale to be announced as the “Fintech Startup of the Year” on the evening of February 7th, the last day of the competition. 
For more information about the FinTech Innovation Challenge, please refer to our website.
About Global Accelerated Ventures
Our mission is to identify visionary entrepreneurs / established companies and facilitate the formation of ideas and concepts by providing a clear path to success through a global ecosystem of innovation resources.  We work with global companies like FIS, InterSystems and many others to accelerate corporate innovation and incubate commercially viable new technologies via partnerships with multi-national organizations to solve current pain points through identifying, sourcing, and building technologies and teams to satisfy their needs (ie - AI, Blockchain, IOT for example). We are able to drive innovation through its network of ‘Centers for Excellence’ strategically located across Florida (ie - Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, etc) and the Northeast (New Jersey as an example), as well as our global network in innovation hubs like Israel, the UK, and Asia-Pacific. Through our efforts, we are able to accelerate the maturation of new technologies and the generation of jobs in our innovation ecosystem.   

Event Overview

Event Date: February 6-7, 2019

Venue & Location: The Florida Theatre | Jacksonville, FL

Ticket prices: Attendee: $199 

For more information, visit the event website.