AI & Emerging Tech for Finance 2019

Many see AI as a natural step in the evolution of big data analytics and few industries have embraced related emerging technologies or have more potential to gain from it than the finance community. Early adopters have the potential to make trillions of dollars in the coming years- which makes it even more crucial for you to be in the know and on the cutting edge.

Bringing together senior executives from investment houses, funds, wealth managers and investment banks to discuss the most strategic way forward to best embrace the new status quo.

Topics Include: 

  • The Impact of Blockchain on the Finance Industry.
  • Evaluating Emerging Technologies: What’s Worthwhile/ What’s a Fad?
  • Building Bridges Between Traditional Investment Strategies & ML.
  • Understanding the Latest Applications for Deep Learning & AI in Finance.
  • Challenges Presented by Data Governance.
  • Acquiring & Using Alternative Data.

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Event Overview:

Event Date: November 12-13, 2019

Location: Downtown NYC

 Discount code: FF100