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Rising Fintech Investments in Netherlands: A Quarter-Wise Analysis of 2017

Rising Fintech Investments in Netherlands: A Quarter-Wise Analysis of 2017

The investors in Netherlands, seem to be head over heels into Fintech. The booming Fintech industry seems to have taken high jumps after confronting a sleazy progress in the second half of 2016. The economy of Netherlands seems to thrive with over a staggering 350 Fintech companies registered in Amsterdam. The recent investments in the first quarter of 2017 seems to have crossed the level which was reached by the investments in the final quarter of 2016.


  • The first quarter of 2016 recorded overall investments of about $116m. After reaching a record-high, it dropped down to $100m due to the debts incurred by several industries.


  • A continuous drop was recorded till the end of the last year and every quarter seemed to recede than the previous one.


  • However, the start of 2017 proved to be very profitable when the stock market observed a skyrocketing $36m during the first quarter.

Fintech Investments Raised up to 56.2%: Yet Below the Level Reached in 2014:

  • 2014 proved to be the most successful year for Fintech investments in Netherlands during which, the stock market recorded nearly $260m. These investments were made in Amsterdam where a company launched its state of the art Point-Of-Sale systems named as Adyen.


  • A total decrement of about 63.7% was recorded in the succeeding year i.e. 2015 in which the investments done were not in any way comparable to those made in 2014. Only ten deals in Fintech industry were made in 2015.


  • Talking about the seed deals, these have decreased every year starting from 2014 till now and the overall share of these deals in the whole Fintech investment is about 27%. Even the largest seed deal which was observed was made in 2016 and it was worth $10.6m.


The banking industry and accounting infrastructure summed up together, fills up around half of the Fintech bubble. The largest deal made in this sector was made recently in the month of February 2017 and it was worth $30m.

According to resources, the number of companies which are being registered under the banner of Fintech, are increasing every year. The highest number of companies were registered in 2014 when there were around 55 companies who got themselves registered. Overall, the Dutch business ecosystem is expanding and getting saturated with the Fintech companies thriving and there is a positive chance that very soon, Fintech industry will be the largest one in the world.