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Investment Sector in Fintech

Investment Sector in Fintech

Since the businesses has been set to new pathways by Fintech, it will be utter injustice not to mention the advancements made in the investment sector. Since the money flows from one unit to another, from one generation to the next, it keeps on changing its value and form as well. This generation is a generation of socially engaged millennials who tend to multiply their assets by investing in such ventures in which the probability of earning profits is greater. These days, the social, responsible and impact (SRI) investments domains are set out to make new records.

According to a latest Fintech report, a total of about 91 percent of millennials are interested to engage their money in sustainable investing.   This is due to the revolution brought about by Fintech that our investment gurus have predicted the total SRI investment in 2020, about to reach a staggering $400 billion. These SRI investments today stand at $77 billion. This is a huge leap. Some critiques would think it to be unrealistic but the fact is, the way Fintech is producing its profitable offshoots with every passing day, the gap is going to get filled up soon.

Questions are being asked by investors as which field can actually be termed as the profitable field to invest? The answer to this question is pretty well-known to majority of them. Yet these clever investors need to hear from us so that they know for sure. According to several Fintech reports, the innovation in investment started when Fintech identified green energy to be one of the most profitable investment domain. Our latest white paper has been published recently with the help of Economical Intelligence Unit in which the green energy domain has been given a primal place among other domains and millennials are seen flooding the sector.

One of the greatest investor in the green energy has come forward with a latest concept of introducing solar roofs. Yes, we are talking about the Tony Stark of real world, Elon Musk, the Chief Executive of Tesla Motors and several other billion-dollar corporations. Following his footsteps, many other might corporations are investing solar and green energy so that they can be termed as the energy provider companies across the globe.

It is also being predicted that Fintech solutions will make it easier for millennials to have access to SRI investments which will in turn produce their output in generating billions in profits thus benefitting current day’s investors.