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Retail Banking Sector of Fintech

Retail Banking Sector of Fintech

The retail banking sector had never experienced such a boom prior to getting to know Fintech. The staggering numbers and inflating bank accounts of the bankers led us to take a look into the retail banking sector as what factor is making it so much profitable that once millionaires have no become billionaires. In order to cater for the parameters of our questions, we did a market survey of over 900 organizations and guess what we found? Those organizations who being run by under Fintech rules and regulations were coming to the top while those who weren’t following latest Fintech trends, continuously their graphs were lowering.

The significance of Fintech and its role in multiplying the business opportunities in retail banking sector can be judged by the fact that, the retail banking firms have now started conducting yearly seminars and conferences across the globe to attract more and more investors which would not only bring in job opportunities but also aid in restoring the trust which the retail banking sector lost a decade ago due to scams and uncertainties. This year, there is going to be conducted the second Annual Harnessing conference regarding the Retail Banking. The venue this time, is London and the dates which have been set for this grand event are 7th and 8th of June, 2017. This conference aims to brought up such organization, who entrusted Fintech powered retail banking sector the moment it was introduced. Their ‘then and now’ conditions will be portrayed in this conference.

Even more so, Fintech innovation brought about another hot topic in retail banking sector. Fintech introduced the retail banking firms to develop a sustainable innovation strategy which will be customer-oriented and will focus primarily on the needs and wishes of the customers rather than that of specialists who are familiar with the platforms already. Another focusing point of this conference will be to illuminate the participants about equipping the banks with retail market tools which make this boring domain more and more interesting. This conference is going to set several benchmarks for retail banking sector as it will also comprise several thought-provoking and informational sessions delivered by the representatives of top organizations.

The delegates attending this event will be given the chance to build connections with top banks’ representatives and regulators as well. If you want to get more insight into the rising sectors of Fintech, read out our recently published white paper which encompasses every single sector.