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Top Well-Paid Jobs in Fintech

Top Well-Paid Jobs in Fintech

The mighty financial technology, known as Fintech, has evolved to become a booming industry in Britain, especially in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, New York and Tel Aviv. Over the last decade, it has risen up to be one of the most money producing industry across the globe. Several job vacancy sites, suggest that the Fintech is arguably, the only hottest platform right now which has the capacity to attract and the potential to pay the world’s smartest minds.

Grabbing a job in any Fintech firm is not difficult, rather a bit different. Since, it is a relatively new industry, the traits and methodologies are also pretty distinguished. 

So over the next few weeks, we will be publishing 5 chapters about Working in Fintech on a weekly basis. We will start this week with the Top Well-Paid Jobs in Fintech.

Here is a list of the top well-paid roles in the Fintech industry. Their salaries have been rounded up to provide a generic knowledge to the job seekers and the media.  

  1. Software Architect:

The role of technology in the birth and upbringing of Fintech industry is justified in the nomenclature itself. Of course, without the contributions of top-notch software architects, Fintech would still be a dream. A software architect is basically, a programmer who is capable enough to design, develop, test, deploy and maintain the overall governing logic of a software system plus its working as well. He is the one who drafts the scope and limitations of the project and his role is always one of the most crucial roles in the software industry. Now that software and finance have been merged, the annual earnings of a software architect have risen to a staggering 68,300 GBPs, thus making a software architect one of the most endorsed technical expert in the Fintech industry.


  1. Product Owner:

With an average income of 64,000 GBPs, the role of the Product Owner is second in the list. Many would wonder as why does such a simple role manages to grab this much amount? The answer is, by the term Product Owner, we actually mean a person who is well-versed in identifying, developing and selling the new products. Apart from this, he also needs to be creative and street smart because selling a product is not a difficult task, running an effective product selling campaign and getting as much conversions as possible, is something which is termed as challenging. Even with the most credible and experienced marketers fails sometimes when it comes to the role of product owning and selling. 


  1. SAP Consultant:

Based in Germany, SAP is one of the world’s most renowned software solutions providing firms. It specializes in designing and developing several business related apps and software which are needed by credible organizations in one or the other domain. Being a SAP consultant is one of the toughest job. The person on this job posting has to understand the needs and problems of multinational firms and then propose the solution in a systematic manner. Another job specification associate with a SAP consultant is, he is well-versed in integrating several environments together. It must be kept in mind that development of a system is difficult, but the integration of several developed modules is even beyond the difficulty level of development phase. A SAP consultant is someone who does the integration and puts the system together in the best possible manner. The annual income of a SAP consultant therefore stands at a record high 62,800 GBPs.


  1. Risk Control Manager:

The annual worth of 61,360 GBPs is something which seems pretty much. Well, it is pretty much when a guy is equipped with the knowledge and expertise of risk mitigation and prevention. Since, the Fintech industry is marking new milestones in business, the risks and threats are also becoming more and more frequent with every passing day. The Fintech industry is the most vulnerable industry across the globe. The reason is quite evident. It is a merger of two most volatile domains, the finance and technology. For media and for common people, financial scams may have been reduced but the fact is, they have transformed to become deadlier and untraceable. Investing in an unknown or in a vulnerable business domain, puts every investor at risk. And the job of risk control manager is to control the risk to a certain level so that the damage done is reimbursable.


  1. Cyber Security Specialist:

The role of a Cyber Security specialist is to prevent the hackers and penetrators from entering into the software of Fintech companies. There have been pretty severe cyber-attacks on the most important agencies of several countries across the globe and this is what’s holding the investors from putting their money in Fintech industry. Even the slightest of the online threat is as fatal as a bigger threat is. While talking about Fintech, everybody knows that computers can be penetrated either by applying brute-force attacks or using the most notorious cryptography cracks. A security consultant is someone who is well-aware of the organizations online portals and the loopholes they may contain. This is what justifies the skyrocketing annual average income of about 60,611 GBPs.


  1. Technical Lead:

The trend shift from traditional businesses to Fintech is so fast-paced that it’s become mandatory for the companies to hire IT professionals having a versatile industry experience. Talking about technical leads, these are entrusted with the task of managing an entire team of developers, guiding them through every single step and steering them towards the right way of developing a product. It must be kept in mind that being a technical lead is different from being a manager. Unlike a manager, the technical lead has to work on both the levels i.e. the technical level, by writing the code himself any by managing the team’s work, as a manager. This is the reason why the average net income of a team lead in UK has risen up to 60,000 GBPs.    

Apart from these, there are several other jobs which have garnered enough attention and demand simultaneously. Consider it as a prediction, upcoming decade is that of Fintech and if you feel like you can make a difference and earn money big time, prepare yourself well by studying what you really are into. Being a techie, always pays well.

Now that you have a better idea of what jobs you can get in, we will be discussing the Importance of Having a Killer Resume next week so you can land that awesome job in Fintech. See you next week then!