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Tips and Tricks by Fintech Executives

Tips and Tricks by Fintech Executives

This week on the blog, we’ll be sharing with you the Tips and Tricks from Fintech Executives to ace that interview.

Having an explicable and well-endowed resume is sufficient for landing a well-paid job in Fintech industry. Job seekers consider it a necessary factor and pay no heed to the core issues, one; among many of which are, to impress the Fintech executive sitting right in front of you. People nowadays, tend to track the person who is anticipated to sit on the selection panel of a job interview. They are seen rushing around here and there to find the “right guy” having an access or relation to the person who is going to take the interview. Somewhere in this job-hunting spree, a candidate goes adrift from the right pathway and tries to get compensation via cheap sources. This practice sometimes proves to be a career-killer for many job aspirants.

In order to have an insight as what exactly does a Fintech executive wants, we have compiled a few answers and comments from CEOs and top managers of Fintech firms, which we are going to explain in this section. These comments will broaden the thinking horizons of job seekers in the UK and we hope you’ll be able to think and prepare accordingly.

1. Comments by Valentin Stalf, CEO and Co-Founder of N26:

Valentin Stalf is of the view that, a candidate seeking a job in Fintech industry should not always think about salaries and other financial perks. The main focus here should be mainly on the factor of how to improve the learning curve? What can be delivered to the organization to earn the position which calls for desired salary and other benefits? How to make this job profitable and whether your daily performance is at par with the expectations associated with you? By keeping these parameters in mind, a candidate should speak his heart out and he is most likely to get shortlisted.

 2. Tom Allanson, President of Electronic Payments:

Organization these days are in search for problem solvers. Those who have the ability to comprehend the problem and take actions accordingly. Fintech is one of the most versatile industry. If it has opportunities, it has its limitations as well. But the best part is, these limitations are short-lived and can be coped up with if you go for the right technical expert. Show the interviewer that you are the best fit for this job, and you want to contribute in the promulgating the morals and norms of the organization, in the most appropriate manner.

 3. Mike Galarza, CEO of Entryless:

According to Mike, the criteria of selection for him is the level of motivation with which a candidate expresses his mission regarding working in the organization. Always come up with something innovative, something which makes a difference and stands you out from the entire pool of suitors. Mike advices the candidate to think of a Fintech job as something which is bilateral. Being more specific, it should be think of as a job in which the company is helping the employee reach his goals and vice versa.

4. Shahchar Bialick, CEO of Curve:

Well, this is interesting, the way Shahchar puts your first interview. According to Shahchar, a candidate should prepare and groom himself like a confident guy/girl who is going on his/her first date. By the word “prepare”, he means to say that, the candidate should know the goals, objectives, scope, working mechanism and future plans to the fullest. You need to persuasive not by just your mouth, but also by your demeanor. Try to convince the interviewer by explaining how would you be able to fit in the organization and how would be the output generated by you, will benefit the organization.  

 5. Radoslav Albrecht, CEO of BitBond:

Radoslav is a strong fan of a person who shares his views openly without considering any constraints whatsoever. It is a job interview after all and all the interviewer wants is some ingenuity rather than fakeness which deteriorates the entire image of the candidate no matter how brilliant the academic records are. Radoslav seeks the rate of adaptation and self-improvisation in the personality of the candidate because it is a fact that the Fintech industry is always changing and nobody knows what will go extinct in a couple of years and what else will take its place. The process of evolving is dynamic and when an organization evolves, so does its employees. Otherwise, soon the employee will find himself unfit for the role. 

 6. Chloe Gueguen & Marine Gueguen:

The Fintech twins are the owners of Lendix and have just returned from a 7-month world tour in which the only thing they wanted to pick, was the right people for the right positions. Their journey and their level of commitment to the Fintech domain clearly states how much they value ambitious talent. According to them, the level of commitment, the ability to do the right job at the right time, truthfulness and having the confidence to defend every single word written in one’s CV, is the key to get the job. If you cannot defend your CV, means you cannot defend yourself in a challenging environment and this type of candidate is not welcomed at the Landix.

Golden Note: Consider it as one of the most important points to ponder. Always try to express yourself in a manner which appeals to the interviewer. Focus on speaking about such matters which are of primal importance to the organization. This very approach will have you shortlisted for sure.

Now you’re all set to land that job in Fintech, use these tips to think and prepare for that interview. So next week on the blog, we will be discussing the Benefits of Working in a Fintech Firm. Catch up with you soon!