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Benefits of Working in a Fintech Firm

Benefits of Working in a Fintech Firm

Why should you consider working in Fintech? In this week’s blog, we will discuss the benefits you get working in this industry.

Fintech, is, of course, a dawn of the new age of business. We can rather term it as a positive apocalypse which outranked itself amongst all the offshoots of business irrespective how fluent their returns were. It revolutionized the course of business and transformed it into something which appreciated the hard work rather than relying on an employee’s intellect. Long story short, there are dozens of benefits of working in a Fintech firm. Amongst many, we will mention only a few trendiest ones.

1. Employee’s Output is Directly Proportional to Company’s Growth:

Every business-savvy person is aware of the fact that Fintech’s basis has been strengthened by several start-ups or small business. In a small enterprise, there are a few people and each one of them is supposed to be the best at what he does. In other words, you are responsible for a whole module whether it belongs to the frontend or the backend. It’s you whose intellect and career is on the line and the fear of falling off the cliff implores you to give your 100%, even it propels you to go beyond certain limits. The output thus generated by the employee, casts an overall impact on the organization. Unlike larger organizations, there are no layers to be found in the small businesses. If you have done a great job, it will contribute to increasing your company’s worth. And if otherwise, you’ll be at the nose along with bringing a modular downfall to your firm too.

2. Market Exposure:

In any job in any field, there comes a time when a person gets sick of repeating the same set of tasks every day. There is an end to a 9 to 5 job which offers zero exposure and forces the employee to have the expertise of only one field. This is not how Fintech works. An employee in a Fintech firm is exposed to a pool of domains and he is made to choose one amongst many. Initially, you start from a basic level but with the passage of time, you start growing and once you’ve grown to be an expert, you have the choice of becoming a consultant and help other companies in reaching their goals or switch to another domain which offers you even higher paychecks and improves your learning curve as well. This is why it is said that Fintech industry is for those, who want to get challenged every time and they want to remain miles away from the comfort zone. Only, because comfort zones are the tombs of creativity.

 3. Improved Learning Curve:

Fintech industry is as much versatile as any other industry can be. One feature of Fintech industry is the things are not carried out as per the plans. Many of you would wonder why? It’s because there are no plans at all. Everything is spontaneously ranging from designing to deployment and even maintenance as well. The tasks are accomplished via trial and error technique. This is the beauty of Fintech that it allows an employee to learn and employ several tips and processes without fearing less about penalty restraints. In other words, it can be implied that the people who want to work in Fintech industry, are the ones who need little or almost no guidance because they want to learn everything by themselves. This greatly improves the overall learning curve of the employee. Another best part is, the decision-making process and strategy formulation process is not that much time-taking in Fintech start-ups so the person who is working in a Fintech firm, should be prone to improvisation anytime anywhere. 

4. Exponential Growth:

Every individual in a Fintech start-up is considered to be in-charge of a certain department. The concept of traditional corporations doesn’t apply here. Every person has to share his/her contribution at the end of the day and small time-boxed iterative approach is something which is feasible and maintainable. There is no one to boss you around and with the right decisions taken at the right time, the start-up starts growing and you, with it. Even the slightest success can take you up to being the head of the department, a shareholder, or even the co-founder of a specific firm. Well, this is the bright side of it. What if the start-up comes tumbling down the pothole? Even then, Fintech industry would own you as a veteran who tried but failed, has some lessons to share, so the managers would convince you to write a book, create a blog for instance, mistakes to avoid while being at a Fintech firm and etc.

Fintech is a sector in which the growth is limitless. Each and every organization which kicks off as a Fintech start-up, quickly grabs the international attention because of the innovation this sector is bringing across the globe. From the very start, each and every employee leading from the CEO to the person in the kitchen, is exposed to a multi-national environment which is a plus point when it comes to garnishing your resumes. In traditional organizations, a boss is always alienated and is thought to be someone who makes no contact with those who are working for him. In a Fintech start-up, a boss is someone who knows each and every one in the company and interacts with each and every one on daily basis. There is no silver lining which separates the boss from the employees except when it comes to signing off the deals and representing the start-up in important meetings. This is what makes the employees happy when they see their employer at the very same table. This is not over yet, funky offices, lavish incubation centers, state-of-the-art working machines and provision of latest and flashy smart phones, turns the daily routine of a Fintech employee, a leisure haven rather than a hectic workplace where employees are drawn off all day.

The Fintech industry offers endless possibilities while allowing you to grow in the company and as a person. For next week, we will discuss The Ways in Which Fintech is Changing Our World. Join us next week for the next chapter!