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Economic Growth of Mobile Applications

Economic Growth of Mobile Applications

With the mobile app marketplaces becoming more and more saturated with poorly designed products and with users becoming increasingly fatigued with the abundance of apps that are available, is it still a viable idea to consider app startups?

The answer depends entirely on the kind of startups you have in mind and the potential target audience you are aiming for. Do users want another clone of Flappy Bird or another tool to predict the weather? Probably not would be the realistic answer. That being said; the economic growth of the mobile app industry is continuously growing and it shows no signs of slowing down.

According to statistics from the analytical site App Annie, Android saw over 90 billion app downloads over the course of 2016. That’s a staggeringly high number especially when in 2010 the cumulated figure was just 10 billion. In fact, taking into account all different platforms, there was a total of 149.3 billion app downloads over the course of 2016.

Based on these figures it would make financial sense to integrate your startups within the app industry as soon as could; especially as the market is predicted to grow at an enormous rate. The app economy couldn’t be stronger and being able to solidify yourself within it could be a very smart venture to consider.

Determining what niche to focus on should be your priority. While the economy is strong for mobile applications, you’ll need to move away from the standard game blueprint to truly make a dent in the system.

If you look into the current trends and predictions for the next year or two then a clear pattern can be realized. You need to develop apps and create startups that focus on niche markets such as security, wearable tech, virtual and augmented reality or cloud-based services. This is where the future of mobile applications is heading and you should begin to establish yourself now to avoid the oversaturation.

Startup app developers provide expert knowledge as well as the tools needed to realize your startup ideas and can help you expand and grow with the times. Whether you want to develop an app which would benefit your own specific startups or if you have an idea for software to benefit an existing problem, app developers can help you get started in your endeavor.

If you want your startups to target consumers then you need to make sure you are producing extremely high quality applications. Poorly designed apps are an unfortunate presence in all the app stores; although the Android market suffers from this more than iOS due to the more relaxed approach it takes with publishing onto the Play Store.

Businesses are also becoming increasingly aware of the benefits a standalone application can have for them and as such are trying to locate software to help them progress and grow. The most successful startups recognize this booming economy and they all ensure dedicated apps are developed for their own business models.

If you can devise a plan that could target areas such as security then your startups will have a much higher chance of succeeding. Another benefit of high quality apps, as well as Accelerated Mobile Pages, is that businesses are seeing higher levels of user interaction, increased eCPMs and increased revenue. Regardless of your startups initial vision and goals; integrating yourself within the app industry is one way to solidify yourself as a serious entity intent on growing with the technology and software available to you.