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FintechFans: An insightful overview of what we do

FintechFans: An insightful overview of what we do

In this series on FintechFans, we’ll be putting the platform under the microscope to dissect it into easily digestible, bite-size chunks, to see:

  • What it is exactly,
  • why it’s essential in today’s market place,
  • the solutions FintechFans are offering,
  • the reasons for holding a decentralized crowdsale and purpose of the FINC coin, and
  • all the necessary details about the upcoming ICO.

Today, we’ll be kicking things off by taking a deeper look at the platform overall and how it got started.

So what exactly is FintechFans?

The FinTech industry has seen remarkable growth in the past five years. Deal volume grew 212% from 464 deals in 2012 to 986 in 2016, and 2017 is already set to surpass this number.


(Source: CB Insights)

As a result, there quickly became a need for specialized employees that are well versed in the different disciplines of the FinTech industry. However, because it was, and still is, a relatively new market segment, there wasn’t anywhere specific prospective employers could go to find a reliable source of FinTech talent.

On the other hand, as the industry grew in popularity, more and more individuals became interested in finding a job in this exciting sector. Again, there wasn’t a one-stop, specialized job platform for these FinTech jobseekers to go to for positions relating specifically to the FinTech sector only.

Realising the need for FinTech companies to be connected directly with talented FinTech professionals, FintechFans was born.

At its core, FintechFans is a job board specializing in the growing FinTech sector that makes it easier for FinTech professionals to find a job (and vice versa) by connecting employees directly with companies.

It was founded in 2017 by a group of FinTech experts with many years’ experience in the FinTech sector, including the launch and scaling of a number of successful startups.

FintechFans quickly expanded from its primary market in Holland to capital cities throughout Europe. Today it fills jobs from FinTech hubs across the globe as the leading FinTech job board.

By connecting high-quality talent to the correct company, it’s as much a facilitator as it is a nurturer of financial innovation.

The platform itself will be the combination of two main systems; the FintechFans Job Board is already up and running and focuses on long-term positions with more than 3,500 live jobs being advertised.

The second system is an exciting new project, the FintechFans Decentralized Marketplace. This marketplace will be developed from the funds raised through a decentralized crowdsale (or ICO), but more on that in a later post.

The Decentralized Marketplace, which is due for release in Q3 2018, will focus on the freelancing market of short-term positions and one-off tasks. It’s a potential $5 billion global market to tap into which represents 35% of the workforce in the US alone.

The marketplace will truly be a unique recruitment platform, completely decentralized and based on a set of Smart Contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Although the existing Job Board will get an overhaul once the Decentralized Marketplace is released, it will stay inherently centralized because of the necessary flexibility attached to such a platform.

The FintechFans platform caters to both sides of the market, those looking for a job in the FinTech industry and those looking to hire top FinTech talent. Our main aim is to help grow an already fast expanding FinTech industry and we believe the way to do so is by developing an extension of our current platform in order to utilize the innovative capabilities that Blockchain technology provides.

In our next post on the FintechFans platform, we’ll delve a bit deeper by looking at some of the pain points in today’s recruitment market and then how the FintechFans Decentralized Marketplace will be addressing these issues with relevant solutions.

Stay tuned!