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FintechFans Token Sale Highly Rated on Review Websites

FintechFans Token Sale Highly Rated on Review Websites

Recently we have noticed that FintechFans token sale has been reviewed by a number of websites dedicated to finding the best new project for investment. After checking the reviews, we are happy to say that our project was deemed trustworthy in all of the reviews, with a high rating.

For example, ICOProbr rated adoption prospects and risk associated with the project with the best possible rating 10 out of 10. They also rated our team as trustworthy and gave the highest rating to the likelihood of successful project completion. You can read the complete rating here.

After reviewing the FintechFans, TrackICO gave us 4.1 out of 5, due to the lack of Reddit and Bitcointalk links, while ICOBench gave us 4.4 out of 5. Their respective reviews can be found here and here

The best thing is that we have received feedback from experienced sources, which leaves us capable of fixing some minor issues. Leaving investors and clients better informed!

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