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Fun in the ICO department

Fun in the ICO department

The world of Human Resources is a mature one. A lot of rivaling products and services exist among various industries, which creates a level playing field. For this reason, it is important to stand-out in what you do. At FintechFans, we know our strengths and weaknesses very well and are proud to stand out in the industry of Financial Technology staffing solutions. The level playing field discourages copycats, it doesn’t allow quick-money, the thing copycats love!

But since we’ve announced the token sale for our decentralized application for FinTech contractors, our team has been introduced to a wholly different world: The world of online communities and opportunists.

Our token sale community manager recently came across the “FreelancerCoin ICO”, a fund-raise for a decentralized staffing platform. Needless to say, we were very much interested in this company, the idea and the people behind it. It is a great feeling when you find out that there are more people that believe in your market and idea. But when we checked out their website, for a moment we thought somebody was playing a trick on us. Check this:

(The FintechFans logo)

(The FreelancerCoin logo)


While seeing a competitor affirm your ideas is a great feeling, being blatantly copied is a magnificent honor!

But we cannot take all the credit: There definitely has been put some effort in incorporating as much "inspiration" as possible from both us as well as fellow ICO projects into the visual design, website, whitepaper and project details of the FreelancerCoin.

FreelancerCoin has become somewhat of a running gag inside our company. But outside of our offices. Outside of our offices, the extremely young company (without registration information, of course) has not been noticed yet. We hope we can help them with their online reach a little bit with this article ;-)