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New York, New York..

Blog by CEO Marcel van Oost -

Award-winning New York Times and Wall Street Journal contributor, Ron Chernow, once said, “Market corrections, although painful at the time, are actually a very healthy part of the whole mechanism, because there are always speculative excesses that develop, particularly during a long bull market.”

The start of 2018 has not been kind to the cryptocurrency markets, as most tokens saw a decrease in value after the big bull-run during the latter part of 2017. However, this market correction was not only expected but most experts would also agree that it is a necessary stage of any healthy economy.

It brings with it some much-needed stability and confirmation that cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology as a whole is not just a hype (as some would believe) but that the industry is in fact robust enough to withstand adverse market conditions. These factors instil investor confidence and are important to promote long-term growth.

We saw this playthrough in our own FintechCoin pre-sale. Despite the temporary market downturn, we already reached close to 70% of our soft cap after selling 663 459 FINC in the first part of our pre-sale.

At the moment we are working towards the next phase of our pre-sale and building up towards our main, public sale of the FINC token. As part of this build up, we will be continuing on our promo world tour with some exciting new locations on the agenda, including Fintech, Blockchain and crypto events in the US, Europe, Middle-east and Asia.

Some of the big events we will be attending are Money20/20 in Amsterdam, MoneyConf 2018 in Dublin, the Silicon Valley Fintech Week in San Francisco and conferences in New York. 

Be sure to stay tuned as we will be adding more cities to our calendar soon. Our hope is to meet as many people in person as possible, so if we are in your city or region, let’s grab a cup of coffee together!

We continue to receive very positive feedback from VC’s as well as private investors on our investor deck, and with a growing whitelist, the FintechFans community is getting bigger and stronger every day. 

I want to personally thank every single person who has been involved in making this happen, from the core team, to the advisors, and everyone in between. I truly believe we are working on something great here and, looking at the successes we’ve seen so far, I’m very excited for what’s still to come.

Talking about excitement, I am proud to announce the opening of our New York office! Manny Alicandro will be our Sales Lead for our job board on the US market. Manny’s got nearly 30 years’ experience in the financial service industry. He’s a prominent capital markets attorney and an avid cryptocurrency supporter who will help us to execute our expansion plans in this region.

There’s no denying that the US, and in particular NY, is an important strategic region for Fintech innovation and promotion, two of our core values. Having an office in New York gives us more opportunity to gain exposure to, and connect with, this influential Fintech market. This is a big milestone for us as it adds to our presence in some of the biggest Fintech hubs around the globe including Europe and Asia with our Hong Kong office.

Continuing on the exciting-news trend, I’d like to share a bit on our plans to expand the FintechFans brand. We are looking to add more media products to our portfolio of services and as part of this vision we have acquired a number of Fintech websites. In addition, we will also be launching a new platform as well as a magazine soon.

This is unfortunately as much info as I can divulge at this point in time, but know that we have big plans and I look forward to sharing these with you all in my next blog. If you want to get the news as it happens, and stay up to date with our token sale, including other company developments, sign up to our newsletter to get a blow-by-blow on events, so to speak, while we continue on this great adventure together.

Former US Secretary of State, Colin Powell, said “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”

We will work hard to keep growing, expand our brand, and ultimately, continue to promote our vision of kindling Fintech innovation by uniting specialists and companies. I look forward to the upcoming summer months where we will be meeting more interesting people from around the globe in the Fintech, Blockchain and crypto space, just as we’ve been doing over the past few months. 

I sincerely hope one of these people can be you!  I want to encourage all of you to get in touch with me personally if you have any questions or if there’s anything I can help with.  Give us a shout if we are in or around your town (or if you come to visit Amsterdam of course!), it would be great if we can meet up for a coffee and a chat. 

Add me on LinkedIn and shoot me a message, or simply send me an email at

I’ll keep you posted and hope to see you all soon!