To realize our grand vision we needed something exceptional. Something that leverages EU regulation and standards on identification, uses emerging liberation of bank data and advances in machine processing of biometrics and ID documents and is accessible and affordable.

To consumers and companies alike. We created ZealiD. A consumer-first product based on an innovative packaging of the versatile electronic signature. We designed it to provide globally connected citizens with their first and only electronic identity and signature.

ZealiD is a powerful extension of true identity. It provides transparency, inclusion, choice, and opportunity for everyone, and sits right next to the consumer's heart.

Zealid Frankfurt, Germany
Aug 23, 2020
Full time
ZealiD is looking for multiple experienced and dynamic Sales Account Executives with a demonstrated track record of developing new business and working to develop our strategic verticals and regions. You will report to the Country Regional Director or VP Sales.   What You'll Be Doing   You will be hunting; building a strong network of SME customers and opening doors to the purchase of ZealiD’s products and services. You will be championing and representing the customer at all levels internally. Generate and manage your own funnel of opportunities to progress through the sales cycle and provide accurate reporting and forecasting based on results at each stage. You will establish a trusted/strategic advisor relationship with each key customer and drive the continued value of ZealiD’s products and services. You will work with customers to establish critical goals, or other key performance indicators and aid the customer in achieving their business goals. Remain...