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Today our stealth mode start-up provides a digital platform that connects investment banks with investors, enabling companies to raise capital; The problem is that the current way of communication is just a bunch of phone calls and emails and nothing good is out there.  

 Our platform solves that problem with an effortless tool that optimises communication, provides API access to financial documents, and simplifies the entire capital raising process for all sides. 

 Since we started 4 months ago, we have attracted over 10 'tier 1' investment companies that each have at least $1 billion in assets under management, as well as several large investment banks. But this is just the first step and we shoot for the moon, starting at day zero. 

 Our plans are bold, inspiring, and daring - and our 7 colleagues are an all-star team of crazy-smart, passionate, and driven people. In the next 12 months we are going to get most of the world’s investment banks and investors on our platform, innovate IPO transactions, work on ground-breaking AI applications, and reshape the equity capital markets process.