Founded in 2012 by app developer MyHero, TradeHero's mission is to provide a platform for traders to monetize their investment expertise, by democratizing trading in a social and gamified mobile app.

TradeHero is a free stock market simulation app, which draws real-world data from stock exchanges to create an unrivalled global social investment network. Users can compete with friends from their social networks, or on the global leaderboards with users from across the world. The app brings novice and knowledgeable traders together, allowing novice traders to subscribe for stock tips via push notifications, and top traders to earn subscription fees from followers.

Followers can subscribe, for a small monthly fee, to follow and receive trade feeds from their chosen Heroes via push notifications on their mobile device. These push notifications detail each Buy and Sell action of the Hero, allowing followers to receive expert trading tips and personal insight into successful investment strategies. TradeHero will share subscription revenue from followers equally with Heroes, thus allowing Heroes to monetize their trading expertise.