provides Filipinos and overseas Filipinos a better way to purchase life’s essentials – groceries, supplies, care and prescription medicines – for their loved ones within the Philippines. In partnership with stores throughout the Philippines, the BeamAndGo way of giving is secure, efficient, convenient and digital.

With, friends and families from all over the world can purchase online gift certificates that will be sent to the mobile phones of Filipinos back home. These gift certificates can be immediately redeemed at any of the participating stores. A suite of tools enables the sender and the recipient to view the status of these gift certificates in order to provide accountability and transparency.

All this at an affordable service fee, starting at USD$ 1.99.

Their team is also working with additional top-line, reputable firms as they continue to grow the Merchant Network. They are adding new merchants everyday. is provided to you by BeamAndGo Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based firm specializing in consumer-related eCommerce products. They will be the first in the Philippines to offer a digital SMS gifting solution delivered as a text message.