DXMarkets re-defines the way Capital Markets operate, through the adoption of Blockchain-based technologies.

DXMarkets provides a seamless experience for companies to join Capital Markets 2.0 and benefit from reduced costs, real-time settlement and transparency.

Our primary market services help companies issue Digitally eXchanged (DX) financial instruments, resulting in an efficient and seamless underwriting process which brings investors and issuers together.

DX securities are safely guarded by our network of digital custodians, and can be traded either over-the-counter or via order matching in our digital exchange. Our professional-grade trading platform lets investors and traders have easy access to the markets, track P&L in real-time and manage their exposure.

Our ultra-secure infrastructure is entirely based on cloud systems, ensuring the most resilient and scalable platform at the lowest cost.

Be part of the future. Be part of DXMarkets.