PASS is a Fintech company, with an algorithmic platform dedicated to identifying repeatable patterns and relations in the financial markets, aiming to ultimately produce significant value for its clients.

Using the latest artificial intelligence tools, the PASS framework relies on models and tools that have meaning and are understood; thus pretty much different from a black box approach. The company controls what data is used and it’s ability to separate noise and to extract information from the chaos from the financial markets big data.

The quality of the team, coupled with their high level of experience, drives the study of data across world economic events and financial time series, using AI tools such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning with Reinforcement Learning. They are thus able to provide the following grouped solutions: Bespoke Investment Strategies, Dedicated Signal Forecast, Risk Models based on Collective Behavior and Media Sentiment and Relation Extraction.

The platform architecture is state of the art, comparable with the most recent best practices used by the leading Quant Hedge Funds. It is highly flexible, enabling the connection with different programming languages as well as ensuring the maximum utilization across the sphere of the financial markets – whether that be banks or family offices.