Collin Crowdfund

Collin Crowd Fund is a knowledgeable, accessible and transparent crowdfunding platform for established, creditworthy SMEs, seeking funding for their ambitions. Serious investors reached by Collin handsome returns at acceptable risks.

Collin offers investors:

• an attractive return on well reviewed loan applications with an objective Collin Credit Score and independent risk rating by Dun & Bradstreet.

• insight into the performance of your portfolio through your 'My Account Collin.

• a regular update of developments within the company which is lent. Collin offers entrepreneurs:

• borrowing through crowdfunding as an alternative or complement to bank financing.

• experienced regional working Fund Crowd coaches accompanying the loan application process.

• a short turnaround with a complete loan application.

• the possibility of publication and basic registration for relationships (inner circle consisting of employees, customers, family, suppliers, friends, etc). For more information on