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FinFan - Money Beyond Border

"FinFan is a top B2B infrastructure network about fintech, neobank as a One-Stop-Shop model with the fully loaded platform as the art of borderless money movement as sending, receiving, spending, lending, exchanging, … It’s integrated multi-channel, multi corridors including mobile operators, webs and branches,  POS, ATM, Kiosk,  and Cards,… that making it easier to build a strong partner ecosystem of banks, billers, aggregators, agents, merchants, payment networks, etc… and can be brought on board in weeks instead of years for partners expanding quickly to unreached markets." 

Driving money beyond border innovation forward.

FinFan is not only a money transfer company but also the leading provider of money movement solutions, so FinFan has always focused on making it Simpler – Faster – Easier for partners onboarding and customers happier. Through consistent evolution, our single API integrated, cloud-based, blockchain platform drives member efficiencies, grows revenue and increases profitability for businesses across financial industries. Besides, we also share of facilitating the remittances so that you can benefit from improved service levels, greater flexibility and time-definite money move. We can integrate the system of our partners from banks to financial institutions, etc…so as to help their clients can remit money to or receive money from their ones’ families near or far away. Moreover, the customers can pay for things instantly, privately and securely with or without a bank account. We continue to innovate, develop new ways to send money through digital, mobile, and retail channels, with an array of convenient cash-in - cash-out options to meet businesses and consumers’ needs as well as to help the economies grow and realize a better world.

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