The majority of people with access to traditional financial services are often subject to the archaic banking bureaucracy, a system that prioritises the wealthy.

Access to products such as loans, insurance, investment vehicles and financial markets are littered with hurdles. This is for those who already have bank accounts.

However, there are over 2.5bn people in the world that have absolutely no access to financial services.

DeFi is expected to democratize financial services. Unfortunately, at this time, access to DeFi and digital assets in general remains fragmented, complicated, expensive and slow. For the unbanked or the millions of people living in emerging economies, or people who live in regions with restricted currencies, this is sometimes outright impossible.

This is where CryptoLocally comes in. CryptoLocally is a community-run project that bridges the gap between the ordinary person and the world of DeFi. CryptoLocally will break down the barrier between mass adoption and blockchain technology.

On top of the current activities led by CryptoLocally, we are developing a new set of product offering on which the salesperson will focus on.

CryptoLocally Remote
Dec 04, 2020
Full time
Location : Remote We are looking for a Sales Manager to increase brand awareness in the market, plan and execute sales strategy around our new set of product offering. This person should have experience and interest in the blockchain industry. We are looking for someone who is a humble team player. Responsibilities : * Target and approach key prospects, build contacts within these companies, close and manage the ongoing business * Define and execute long-term strategic goals and sales plans * Establish a good relationship with business clients * Explore opportunities to meet sales target * Managing business development pipeline, documenting meeting notes and action items * Strategize and prepare sales plans for short and long term growth * Proactively pursue new business and new customer acquisition Requirements : * Degree holder with minimum of 4 years’ selling experience, preferable in Business or IT related fields * Having blockchain or cryptocurrency knowledge...