Paylogic International

Every year we sell an incredible amount of tickets. With our ticketing solutions, we try to strengthen the relationship between events and their attendees. We do this by coming up with creative solutions for our customers, which include some of the world’s largest festivals and events including Tomorrowland, Sensation, Mysteryland, and Concert at Sea.

We are a young and dynamic company with amazing customers. This is reflected in our employees, who work non stop to optimize our product. Each department works closely together to contribute what they can. At Paylogic, each and everyone has the space to develop and to grow within the company.

Though we all work hard, there is also time for fun and relaxation! For instance, our Friday afternoon drinks are legendary. In addition, we often organize (sporting) events, such as ping-pong tournaments, bootcamps and barbecues. And of course, once in a while, we all visit one of our extraordinary events together.