Tight with your cash in your business? Suppliers who call when you finally pay again? Fast growing but little space on the bank account? Debtors Fair: the most transparent and flexible form of factoring. Veil your long-term receivables from our scholarship to a pool of investors. So you have to crowd factoring flexible financing method always a competitive price.

Companies have to provide the freedom to simultaneously one or more invoices, or as much as they need themselves. We do not use long-term contracts, hidden fees or personal guarantees. After registration a company can begin within a few days to offer invoices.


Jul 18, 2017
Full time
Debiteurenbeurs Hengelosestraat, Enschede, Netherlands
Want to really make your mark on the software you developed? Then you've come to the right place. In our fast-growing startup will work on the latest FinTech software. You have a lot of responsibility and the software that you develop, you help our whole company to help shape. Who we are We are a small startup that is now three years. We have developed a new financial product for the Dutch market, but do not stop there. We are full of ideas for even more innovative financial products and enhancements to our existing product. We have an office on the beautiful campus of the University of Twente, Enschede, close to, but most of us work from home. What we request You can quickly and new programming techniques own a professional or academic background in Computer Science or a related field. Our software is .NET based and we use include HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JS, jQuery, Ajax, C #, MySQL and Git. You are solely responsible for the software that you develop. So we expect a...