Facturis is an organization that offers its customers total solutions in the area of ​​Payment and Invoicing Services. The added value is in the optimization of both your billing process as payment. The process can be cheaper and more efficient, while the visibility and control for your company grows. The Facturis services include the complete adoption of the entire billing process and payments of companies and institutions. Facturis provides a basis for further future financial services. The further development of Payment and Invoicing Services will be provided in cooperation with UnifiedPost and PowertoPay. Additionally Facturis is an official partner of Rabobank. MISSION AND VISION The mission of Facturis is the complete adoption of the billing and / or payment process for corporate and institutions, but also provides Facturis automated transparent exchange of (financial) data for the purpose of chain partners in the financial supply chain. Our vision is that companies can focus more on their core business, which are outsourcing parts of the business process. The trend towards outsourcing is supported by successful companies that stand on their core competencies. Facturis made the billing process to its core competency.

Facturis Breukelen, Netherlands
Jul 20, 2017
Full time
Type of employment: Temporary employment with option on employment undetermined time. Organizational culture: Pleasing and successful organization, instructive, proud of the Achieved results, very quality-oriented, charmed by IQ and EQ, aimed at sharing knowledge. Organization is based on: Quality, innovation, pro-activity, openness, communication, Knowledge sharing, teamwork and humor. Education: Finished Degree Program in Financial Management. Experience: Minimum 3 - 5 years work experience in a similar function. Function content: • Compilation of accurate reports and analyzes. • Providing monthly reports. • Coordinating the external administration office and accounting process. • Compiling from a financial perspective business models for new business        development. • Monthly invoicing. • Debtors management. • Responsible for improving diverse Business processes. • Ad hoc work. Location: Breukelen. Indicates: Not applicable. Reporting to:...