Outcome Group

Outcome is an education finance company devoted to offering a new financing model for higher education that can increase transparency and de-risk the decision to pursue higher learning.

This new model provides funding for education in which recipients are only obligated to repay a defined percentage of post-graduation income, above a certain minimum and for a fixed period of time. By making payment obligation a function of post-graduation income, Income Share Agreements (ISAs) redistribute the risk of educational investment away from students while placing greater emphasis on student success for both schools and investors. 

Outcome’s mission is to use ISA financing to identify and scale responsible models of higher education that cater to underserved student demographics.  We source, structure, implement, manage and finance ISA programs, driving capital to higher education partners who are dedicated to building a proven pathway to professional success for their students.

Outcome was incubated by Hangar, a firm that funds and builds technology companies tackling public sector market challenges.

Outcome Group New York, NY, USA
Aug 03, 2021
Full time
Overview Outcome is seeking a full stack developer with experience in database management and web development to help us launch and expand our new ISA platform. This platform will connect the students, educational institutions, and investors we serve. This is an independent role, suitable for an experienced developer or even a self-directed recent graduate with the motivation to lead technical workflows. Responsibilities This role offers an incredible opportunity for impact, building solutions to outdated societal infrastructure. As our first engineer, you will work closely with our founding team to: Develop Outcome’s organizational values, our technical stack, and our product roadmap Maintain and develop Outcome’s origination platform using existing frameworks. Our defaults are Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Heroku, and AWS ( read more about our defaults here ) Coordinate the data flow between Outcome’s application portal and third-party partners,...