In 2010, Edwin Adams and Martijn van Schelven developed the idea of starting a crowdfunding platform. Because of the credit and banking crisis, they saw the need that the market needed a new impetus to develop. In 2011 went live the first crowdfunding platform in the Netherlands. The mission of is to change the financial landscape in a positive way by contributing to the financial sustainability of (SME) Netherlands.

By alternative financing SME entrepreneurs have the opportunity to grow. This society has the opportunity to invest money and thus contribute to social projects. Meanwhile by this combination of borrowing and investing more than 1,000 companies and individuals funded with a total funding of almost € 100 million. has a solid credit rating and has a license from the AFM. Today the day is the largest crowdfunding platform in the Netherlands and one of the largest in the EU.

Geldvoorelkaar Utrecht, Netherlands
Jul 22, 2017
Full time
You are responsible for acquiring new crowdfunding projects for publication at As a crowdfunding broker, your SME entrepreneurs and their intermediaries (accountants, finance specialists, corporate finance advisors) advise on the possibilities offered by Crowdfunding and the different types of borrowing. Together with the Business Development Manager, you achieve your sales goals and provide a solid foundation under the further growth of You contribute to the further growth of crowdfunding as a financing instrument for SMEs. Profile Activities crowdfundingbemiddelaar / commercial: You create, develop and maintain contacts with potential customers in your area of ​​work. You advise SME entrepreneurs and intermediaries about crowdfunding and the different borrowings. You realize successful publications of high quality crowdfunding projects on You attend presentations and participate in scholarships from your...