InShared is a 100% internet insurance company with a 100% self-service concept. InShared is stimulating the good behaviour of its clients and is willing to reward all measures taken to prevent damages and claims.

InShared, a Dutch company introduced in January 2009, is the first insurer which guarantees refunding of surplus profits to its customers. The money that's been reserved for paying damages, but hasn't been used is paid back to the insured. The profits are paid to people who haven't made any damage claims, causing everyone to profit.

To inform the insurees of the height of the profit, InShared is the first insurance company that makes it's premium-damage equation permanently public. On the site you can find exactly how much premium InShared has received in total and how much damage the insurer has had to pay. The figures are actualised each quarter. From the total income, InShared reserves 80% for paying damages; the remaining 20% are reserved for the company and potential losses. All the money in the 80% that's not used for damages goes back to the insured.