Joost de online accountant: Quick, easy and always accessible, with the familiar character of WEA South West. Joost offers something unique, a completely new look at the administration, he makes the following annual accounts. This does not look back, as the well-known financial statements do, but just ahead. Joost shows what the balance will be on the bank next year. This way you'll see exactly what decisions you need to take. In addition, Joost calculates how much tax should be paid at the end of the year, so you will not be surprised. All the information is always visible on the online dashboard. Joost is accessible through the computer and a handy app for smart phones and tablets. This way you really have all the time and everywhere. Next Financial Statement At the beginning of the collaboration with Joost, he sets up a budget with you. Based on this budget, actual figures and experiences, Joost already publishes the annual accounts for next year, visualized in charts and tables.