Business finance needed? Via LoanStreet you directly request dozens of financiers including banks, crowdfunders, leasing companies and factoring companies. And so, because if you used to be an entrepreneur, you would have said it. The party with whom you did business was happy with you. Thankful even. But that time seems to be over. The power has long been with the entrepreneur, but for others. Others who have made a foggy landscape in financing you only find the way with the right guide. Nonsense, we find. The finance world does not have to be a black box. With LoanStreet we want to create a spark that sparkles a fire that changes the financing world. We want to use automation to increase the chance of financing for entrepreneurs! That's why, at LoanStreet, you already know the chance at every financier. Almost always within 1 minute, by linking to your online accounting, such as Exact Online and Twinfield. After that, you can send a complete request to your chosen financiers with a few clicks. And that's all for free! We have made arrangements with the financiers, thus paying us a fee for a successful application. But that's not all, because many financiers also give you a discount if your application comes through LoanStreet. Sometimes a discount on interest rates, sometimes on the entry fee and sometimes on the closing fee. We are there for the entrepreneurs and therefore want to return as much benefit as possible to the entrepreneur! The compensation we receive we use to further improve the product and profit from it again! Bring the financing power to the entrepreneurs!