Es Solo

Es Solo Holdings, LTD—along with its affiliates—has created a fully-integrated mobile fintech infrastructure platform through which it delivers access to modern financial software and services to its clients. Es Solo’s clients can use this platform—which fully integrates membership with global card networks (Mastercard, Visa, UPI), an exhaustive suite of KYC/AML/Sanctions screening software, PCI DSS certified transaction processing and a highly-engineered, intuitive user interface—to meet the needs of their customers.

With a corporate focus on expanding the cause of financial inclusion, Es Solo provides the aforementioned services across a range of geographies where financial inclusion is a priority. In these regions, Es Solo is providing its services to credit unions, corporations, nongovernmental organizations, banks and other financial institutions.

The group has made and continues to make substantial investments in FinTech, renewable resources and communications that specifically target developing markets, where such investment is most needed.