Creditstar is a rapidly growing international consumer finance and financial technology company.

Creditstar is a consumer finance and financial technology company that uses automated processes, algorithms and data analysis to make financial products easily available to over 300 thousand customers in our target markets. We are a team of ambitious professionals who value innovation, speed, high growth and high performance. Our vision is to build and deliver digital banking products of the future. Creditstar Group , established in 2006, is a provider consumer financial services. Creditstar has gained trust of more than 300,000 users in 8 countries across Europe, including Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Lithuania, Poland, UK, Czech Republic and Spain. The Company is run by an entrepreneurial team of over 80 people from 14 nationalities of different age and backgrounds. Creditstar has efficient and controlled processes around all aspects of customer life cycle - portfolio allocation, marketing, customer due diligence, credit scoring, underwriting, customer support, cross-selling/retention and debt collection. The technology developed by Creditstar can shape new trends in lending behaviour. The online lending platform is user friendly and provides excellent user experience from all devices at the same time accommodating comprehensive and efficient back-office functionality.