Crowd Valley

Modernize all financial workflows fast, safe and robust.

An open API and a digital back office enabling to modernize and build financial workflows fast, safe and robust. Over 130 clients all around the world have transferred their workflows from slow manual processes to automated online workflows. Reduce the cost of onboarding and transactions, increase the transparency and enables our clients to concentrate their business and making innovative solutions. We take care all the "boring and mandatory" processes background and help our clients in integration and our client decide all the customization and business case for the API. Because of the module construct of the API, our client can pick and choose which part they are going to use. With our global partner network, we provide all needed workflows from origination, compliance, deal room, payments, and diligence to a secondary market. Using these API modules, our client can build or renew their workflows fast, and jump into modernized financial world, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.