Curve simplifies the way people spend, send, see and save their money.

The rise of fintechs, challenger banks and new regulations like PSD2 have blown open the banking and payments sector. That’s a huge positive for consumers. But between old banks, new banks, credit cards, travel cards, investment apps and robo-advisers, loyalty schemes and more, people are now inundated with choice when it comes to managing their money. We live in an increasingly fragmented financial world. Curve has already built a better way to pay: users combine all of their credit and debit cards into one Curve MasterCard, and stay on top of their spend with the Curve app. But in the long-term, Curve will go further to solve the problem of this fragmented financial world - by re-bundling banking and fintech services into one powerful mobile app. The app’s Curve Connect feature will not only simplify and digitise money management for people, but it will help them get a better deal. That means Curve will also solve a huge problem for banks and fintechs: reaching the right customers, at the right time. By understanding people through their spending and saving, Curve Connect will become the perfect match-maker between people and the financial services they need, in an incredibly personalised, non-intrusive way.