Deposit Solutions

Transforming the European deposit market through its Open Banking platform, supporting savers, banks and the economy

Founded in 2011, Deposit Solutions is a globally recognised FinTech company that is transforming the savings deposit market in Europe to benefit savers, healthy banks and society more broadly. Its groundbreaking proprietary Open Banking platform allows banks to gather retail deposits from across Europe, without having to build their own retail infrastructure. Likewise, those banks who hold an excess of liquidity can release it by offering third party savings deposit products to their own clients, who can access them without having to open a new account at another bank. As a result, savers across Europe can access best-in-class savings offers through their home bank. This leading Open Banking platform is already connecting banks from ten European countries (including well recognised global institutions such as Deutsche Bank or Fidelity) and has a potential reach of more than 20 million savers. The technology also allows Deposit Solutions to operate its own B2C platform, ZINSPILOT. ZINSPILOT gives those savers whose home banks do not offer an Open Banking platform the opportunity to access higher interest rate savings deposit products. In 2016, ZINSPILOT mediated more than one billion Euros in deposits.