Devexperts is a financial software vendor, providing IT solutions and services for the Capital Markets Industry

Are you an experienced over-the-counter broker with an established process and customer base looking for new opportunities? Or maybe a start-up in search of a trading platform to launch your business? Whichever you choose, Devexperts has something to offer you. Our multi-asset trading suite grows every day: we actually added several features while you were reading this. Devexperts primary offering is dxTrade, a multi-asset trading platform. To make it work for the pickiest traders, we included multi-screen configuration with trading, analytics, charting with technical analysis, news, heatmaps, depth of market, fundamental data and other complex widgets. Combine all this power under your brand, customize it as intensely as you like and let them trade with dxTrade. There are also non-trading solutions covering data terminals and market data services, applications of Virtual Reality and Deep Learning. Such variety of offerings and projects require a strong technological foundation and development core. The company has never lost its concentration on Fintech over the past 15 years.