Bringing together small businesses & qualified investors, Finexkap is a web-based platform providing a revolutionary working capital solution, through Finexkap AM, its fund management affiliate company

Having issues with late payments? Why wait 60 days when you can receive payment from your invoices in only 48 hours? Finexkap offers a revolutionary service to transform your invoices into cash. Finexkap was born to solve an endemic problem in France: about 1/4th of SMEs’ failure is due to cash flow issues. What is true in France is true worldwide: in the United States for example, about 50% of small business owners admitted they had cash flow problems. Finexkap’s online platform allows you to sell your invoices and receive funding with just a few clicks. The service is simple, easy to use, and transparent – within a few minutes, companies can sell their receivables without the traditional constraints attached to invoice financing: no commitment (duration/ volume), no personal guarantee, non-recourse, fully digital, and at a discounted fee. Because we are a company, we know how important working capital financing is in order to complete investment expectations as well as keeping an ongoing sustainable growth.