Self-service currency exchange machine on steroids, exchanging coins and notes from almost any country in the world.

Fourex has developed a self-service kiosk that will accept and exchange unsorted coins and banknotes for cash. When people travel abroad they will often bring back a handful of foreign currency back with them. This currency is often not worth enough to exchange, or is in coins, so ends up in a drawer at home. Some people still have currency from the old European currencies like Deutschmarks and Schillings. Our machine is able to exchange all this money in a quick convenient way, and pays the customer in any of three currencies. Having the ability to pay out in multiple currencies means that the kiosk can be used as a 24 hour Bureau de Change. Better rates are offered because our rental footprint is smaller, and we do not require staff to man the kiosk. The kiosk can be used in up to ten languages, and in any country in the world.