No banksters, no hidden fees, no bullshit - we offer the best customer experience to manage your personal finances.

Ginmon is an online asset manager helping customers to be more successful in managing their personal finances. Ginmon pursues the philosophy of a globally diversified portfolio. It uses ETFs and related index funds to achieve the best return-to-risk ratio for each customer’s investment.
Through a short risk profiling process the customer receives an optimal portfolio taking his financial situation and risk-affinity into account. Continuous educational content guides him through his financial life and lets him understand the implications and current developments of the worldwide capital markets. The portfolio is constantly rebalanced and follows the global economy as closely as possible.
Our customers are educated and somewhat financially literate. They prefer full control over their personal finances while being supported with comprehensive advice. With our solution, they receive all that at a fraction of the cost of a personal wealth manager.
Ginmon is independent from banking institutions and product providers. Therefore our product selection is 100% objective and provision-free.