Idea Bank

Idea Bank was created to assist entrepreneurs in fulfilling their dreams of having their own business. We want to help small businesses, small and medium-sized businesses, to develop their business. 

Unlike other banks, we trust our customers, so we offer them easier and faster access to a wider variety of banking products. Many years of experience in the financial industry has enabled our specialists to create the perfect package of credit, savings and investment products to help you start and grow your business. We are a business friendly bank, so our main goal is to create long-term solutions for your business.

Idea Bank's policy is to work closely with every customer who is under the care of highly qualified advisors. We go beyond established schemes. We want to provide you with professional care at every stage of setting up and running your own business. You can count on the comprehensive assistance of personal advisers in the areas of business finance, accounting and capital raising. They will serve you with constant support - from the moment you first appear in your branch with an idea for your own company, by developing and financing your business development plan, accounting and staffing to transform it into a company. We create a new meaning of Entrepreneur's words. We focus on innovation. We believe in new ideas and we want to develop them.