Invoice Cycle

Our invoice backed loans give instant lines of credit to help your business grow. Signup is completely online and takes about 5 minutes. After approval you will be given an initial line of credit which you can access at any time, by uploading a valid, outstanding invoice for the amount you would like to draw down. Invoice Cycle is a collaboration of finance and technology professionals, with backgrounds from some of the largest finance and technology institutions in the world. We are passionate about helping small and medium businesses find better ways to finance their growth. Our online tools help us see the real value of your business, by taking into account assets that a traditional bank would not recognise. By doing so, we hope to provide financing exactly when you need it most – and in a clear structure, that suits the patterns of your cashflow Above all, we value our relationship with our customers. If you have any queries, comments or suggestions, please be in touch directly to see if we can help.