Meteo Protect

Meteo Protect is the European leader in providing index-based weather insurance to protect companies when weather conditions adversely impact profits or destroy profitability.

With climate change, the frequency and intensity of weather anomalies have doubled in the past twenty years. Today, the majority of companies are substantially exposed to climate variability and require innovative risk management solutions. Meteo Protect offers index-based insurance for companies to mitigate the effects of adverse weather conditions on the entire business value chain. Our solutions allow companies to improve margin predictability and capital usage, generate additional revenues, anticipate and reduce costs, and ensure resiliency.
Index-based weather insurance triggers a payment linked to a weather variable or group of variables. Payment is simple and automatic, requiring no field loss assessment or adjustment. Rather, compensation is triggered only to a defined, externally verified, weather event, covering any specific period. Our solutions are underwritten by the largest insurers and reinsurers in the market, with an A minimum rating from A.M Best, Standard & Poor’s or Moody’s.
Meteo Protect’s pricing and underwriting platform, enables insurance companies, co-operatives and brokers to directly distribute and manage weather index insurance for their clients and members. It provides customized policies linked to each client’s risk profile. Pricing is individual to each policy, based on targeted climate analysis.