moneymeets is as a free personal finance management solution the alternative to traditional financial advisory services.

moneymeets solves three major problems for customers searching advise in private finance questions: 1. Unbundled banks and financial providers 2. A lack of trust in traditional finance advisory 3. Intransparent and unfair commissions. moneymeets offers his solution in 4 steps: 1. Bundeling: We bundle unbundled financial products, whether if it are saving accounts, checking accounts, investment accounts or insurance contracts. 2. Goal Definition: Customers define their individual goals and get a new goal based overview about their financial products. 3. Better Solutions: Customers find better solutions in moneymeets marketplaces and tools: a. Private Information Marketplace: Informations about concrete goal based acting from other private customers b. Professional Marketplaces: Offers for managed accounts, even if they are robo based or active management driven. c. Specialised tools and personal assistance in special questions. 4. Transparency & best prices: Partnering with 8 Banks and around 150 Insurance Companies we act as a broker for our customers and we receive brokerage fees. We make every single fee transparent for our customers and we share received fees with our customers. For banks and insurance companies we don´t partner with, we are acting as a data provider and aggregator for our customers (fully automatized)