moQom provide secure customer identity solutions to the financial services industry.

moQom's ConfIDent™ product suite enables frictionless, instant customer identity across any channel, with particular emphasis on mobile. Depending on the risk level associated with an identity and verification check, businesses can select from a comprehensive range of ConfIDent™ features, enabling 1, 2, or 3 Factor Authentication. This gives moQom’s clients conformity to the forthcoming European Banking Authority’s PSD2 (Payment Services Directive) standards for strong customer authentication. moQom’s proven and globally patented technology is protecting millions of banking and payments customers throughout the UK and Ireland. Often, traditional financial services players struggle to adopt mobile technology. moQom work in partnership with these financial services companies, offering a “roadmap” of features that enable strong, futureproof identity and verification strategies for these businesses – across all channels. ConfIDent™ eliminates the need for clunky token generators, helping accelerate the migration of banking customers to digital. What makes moQom stand out is our Systems Integration expertise. We have utilised this expertise to ensure our customers have zero or close to zero technical integration on their side, working in conjunction with their existing processes and risk management systems.