MyMicroInvest wants to improve the world by empowering entrepreneurship and fuelling the economy by activating savings

MyMicroInvest is Belgium's leading crowdfunding platform for equity and lending, and it gives everyone the opportunity to invest from €100. For equity, the crowd invests alongside professionals in high potential companies, at the same financial conditions.
Professional investors - such as VC's, investment funds & business angels - negotiate the terms of investment, which are then valid for both them and the crowd. Our 'co-investment approach' is unique, and it gives reassurance to both the crowd and the professionals.
With countless requests for funding, MyMicroInvest has to do a rigorous selection of the companies, and only features the best ones on its platform. Thanks to this, over 90% of the projects that we feature on our platform are successfully funded.
MyMicroInvest has currently raised over €15Million for 42 companies. There are almost 32,000 members visiting the platform, and the company is growing fast, hiring new staff on a regular basis.
MyMicroInvest was co-founded and is currently led by José Zurstrassen, serial entrepreneur and founder of Skynet and Keytrade Bank. MyMicroInvest recently raised 1,6 million euros in less then 1 hour during a live crowdfunding event, to finance their European expansion.