Automation to enhance financial advisory - niiio is a software company offering digital wealth services to traditional brokerage or investment advisory firms

niiio finance group AG, introducing itself as a fintech company with a clear focus on certain target groups in the B2B sector (banks, insurance companies, asset managers, freelance financial service providers, etc.), now has good market opportunities to permanently position itself in the innovation process with creative product and service achievements in robo advisory, AI, API-Banking and Blockchain Solutions. There is however a USP: content and competence are available as well as a high degree of credibility thanks to our parent DSER Group, founded in 2006 (DSER’s history: currently transactions of 40 billion € in assets under administration are being processed in more than 4 million portfolios and accounts for 80 banking clients of DSER in portfolio management systems software munio.). In addition we are active as partners (and not as rivals) to our target groups who can migrate customers to their platform (based on our software solution) in connection with their digitalisation strategy. niiio finance group AG is partner of ebase.