NoviCap is an online platform which allows SMEs to sell their outstanding invoices to professional investors who invest in a short-term asset yielding above-average returns.

NoviCap in an online marketplace which acts as an intermediary between SMEs looking for short term financing options and professional investors looking for new investment opportunities. NoviCap is a pure financial intermediary and enables these transactions to take place, just like the Ebay business model!
NoviCap set out to provide a faster, more flexible, and transparent way to finance companies. Small and medium companies can apply online and start discounting their invoices in less than 48h. Once registered, companies upload invoices which can be sold to a pool of professional investors instantaneously. 
On the investment side of NoviCap, family offices, high-net-worth and corporate investors, can enjoy fully automated trading and diversify their portfolio by buying parts of multiple invoices. Focussing on SMEs with blue-chip debtors, NoviCap boasts double-digit returns for investors while maintaining a 0% default rate after hundreds of successful transactions.