Imperial Knight

Imperial Knight Group (IKG) was founded in 2014 to bring together a collection of existing companies and projects in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, with the aim of providing excellent service and to make real changes in the industries we operate in. Our board has both youth and experience and is committed to operating to international standards; we invest in and train our staff to achieve this. We work with international partners to benefit from their knowledge and experience in order to become leaders in the local and regional markets.


IKG is already active in a varierty of fields including: Construction Concrete Plants Hospitality Recycling Quality Control and Assurance. At the core of our business is a solid commitment to ethical practices and serving the communities in which we work. This region has seen many conflicts in the recent past and is in need of development, it is imperative to invest in the local workforce to ensure that progress is sustainable in the long term.


In each of the sectors that IKG operates in we are expanding each year and investing further into our community, who will be our biggest asset for the future.