We deliver payment card PINs directly to cardholder's mobile phone upon request, via SMS or internet.

Ostendo delivers payment card PINs to cardholders via internet or SMS. Ostendo's Electronic PIN Delivery solution eliminates the slow, old-fashioned, user unfriendly and insecure process of paper PIN mailer. It is 100% compliant with PCI requirements for electronic PIN delivery, works with all card production systems and can be implemented in less than a week. It significantly cuts the PIN delivery costs, but it provides great user experience, especially in case of a forgotten PIN - instead of going through painful resend process, cardholder receives the PIN directly to his mobile phone in couple of seconds upon requesting it. Ostendo's Electronic PIN Delivery solution has already been recognized by the UBS bank and selected as one of the regional finalists of the global "UBS Future of Finance Challenge" in November 2015; pilot implementation project for the card services provider serving 26 European banks is in progress.