PredicSis provides Automatic Big Data Predictive Analytics Solutions is a predictive analytics platform which helps you to improve your sales and marketing efficiency through actionable insights. It brings you relevant predictions on each of your customers. In addition to the real-time predictions delivery, it also discovers the reasons of your customers' behavior. All this information can be injected inside your CRM or Marketing tools.

Its intuitive and straightforward interface makes it easy for anyone working with data to get insights. After automatically identifying the most significant signals, your predictive models are created in just minutes. Unlike traditional predictive tools, PredicSis doesnt require Machine Learning expertise.

It is now possible to place the predictive knowledge of your data into the hand of your current data team

Oct 07, 2017
Full time
PredicSis Paris, France
The team needs a  front-end developer , passionate and excellent with AngularJS, to insure the conception and improvement of Web apps. Other known frameworks would be greatly welcomed (React…). You will join a welcoming and skilled front-end developer team. Your challenge, if you accept would be: To guarantee the mission within the deadlines To lend a watchful eye to the quality of your and your team’s development To optimize developments to enable easy and quick interactions  To win the maximum number of Foosball game                 And of course, English language is required for this position!